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Installation Mock-ups

Three paintings, two video screens, two View-Masters, 1 audio.

Three paintings, two video screens, two View-Masters, 1 audio.

The Cascade – Moments in the Televisual Desert is really designed to adapt to just about any kind of space.

As a solo exhibition, all of the paintings would be included, plus one television screen (with audio) for each of the unique videos and one View-Master unit for each reel, on separate pedestals. As this is a group exhibition and our smaller space in Cambridge requires more creative arrangements, I am adapting the project to work in a contained manner. This requires a lot of planning and mock-ups that must be ready to adapt again once I’m there.

There are several possible configurations that I will discuss with Oliver in the next week. These progress largest footprint to smallest:

Three and Two

Three of the paintings, two video screens / televisions (one with audio), two pedestals with View-Masters and audience-interchangeable reels.

Note: the third painting (on the right) is only a placeholder to show totality. The third piece is not complete as of this posting.


Three paintings, two video screens, two View-Masters, 1 audio.

Three paintings, two video screens, two View-Masters, 1 audio.

The three and two WITH inclusion of the site-specific screen cap and street view images (flanking left and right).



Two and Two

Two paintings, two video screens (one with audio), two View-Masters on two pedestals, with audience-interchangeable reels.2and2

The Two and Two with possible inclusion of the screen caps and street views, flanking left and right:



Two and One

This is my preferred arrangement for Cambridge, as I suspect we will have more space than previous graduating classes, but not enough to do the Three and Two.

Two of the paintings, one video screen with audio, two View-Masters on pedestals with audience-interchangeable reels.

2and1_s 2and1pillars


The Two and One with screen cap and street view stills, flanking left and right.




One and One

The most compact of the options, based on earlier arrangements I’ve seen at LUCAD’s smaller gallery spaces. I suspect we’ll have more room to do something like the Twos, but I’ve included this just to visualize it.

One painting, one video screen with audio, one View-Master on pedestal with audience-interchangeable reels. Also shows the possible inclusion of the screen caps and street views, on the left.





The past few days I’ve been testing projections in my studio, using my trusty new Pico pocket projector. These video manipulations constantly shift, sometimes subtly, transforming the physical environment with a rhythmic, circular sense of geography and altered space.

The on-board video processor does not allow the videos to loop seamlessly, as they were built (and intended), so I’m in the process of rounding up connectivity equipment for pulling the videos from a proper source, rather than just a USB drive with the Pico’s own processor. I anticipating having seamless versions enabled for the residency and I’ll be using a special app designed for art installations to manage the video.

I am so excited!

IMG_2922 IMG_2925 IMG_2927 IMG_2933 IMG_2935


The pocket projector is limited in the size it can cast. I was able to get it up to about 70″, so for a more final version cast into the thesis exhibition space, I’ll need a beefier projector system–but overall I am very pleased with my well-researched Aaxa LED Pico Pocket Projector. So much bang for the buck!

Here’s a short clip from one of the video projections, in situ: