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The Cascade – Phase I and Phase II Galleries


The Cascade is my daily art project. You can check it out and read about it over here.

I have grouped all 33 images from Phase I into a virtual gallery, for easy viewing. I’ve also started a gallery for the Phase II drawn interpretations of Phase I. 

If you want to read the write-ups for each image (which includes mini essays, quotes, and research), you should poke through the actual blog posts themselves. The galleries are designed to give you a quick eyeful.


Call Survivorman: the Cascade has Begun!

Okay. Admittedly it’s more of a trickle at this point, but The Cascade is up and running.

It’s my daily practice experiment working outside my comfort mediums–with fresh new pieces posted frequently. My goal is to post each piece the day it was captured, worked on or mutated.

As you can see (if you explore the blog), it’s starting out more as a kind of visual “found poetry,” but I hope to play around with my interpretation of the image stills even more in the coming weeks. I’ll be trying all kinds of transformations across different mediums!


The Cascade – Daily Ritual


John Kramer recommended that I embark on a daily creative challenge–work outside my comfort zone as part of an ongoing, potentially evolving, habitual exercise.

The Cascade (as the daily is unceremoniously dubbed) will begin on Sunday, July 7, occupying a side blog for the sake of continuity. Since my main AIB MFA blog will be frequently punctuated by papers, research, discoveries and other mysteries, I wanted the daily project to read as a continuous flow, if only to see its relation to time and change.