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Still pushing that large scale drawing that’s an investigation of a smaller etching (see my post from a few days ago for the photo of the etching). Trying to skew perspective so that you’re looking down into the amphitheater, while the amphitheater basin behaves as one of my rock shapes.


Lots to do!

Cascade Writings

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The Cascade is ever-cascading (my daily experimentation). I’m usually able to do a detailed write-up for each daily post, often commenting on the research I’m doing or texts I’ve recently read.

Poke around a bit if you have time. Feel free to comment. I’m actively engaging with the images, the process and the readings, so you might find something useful for your own work or studies buried within.  I know. It’s a lot of information. That’s what it’s all about, really.

A few of the posts:

7/10/13 – the journey begins
7/11/13 – quotes from Panoramic Travel
7/12/13 – vernacular “townettes”
7/13/13 – the compartment view, travel and space
7/16/13 – Joshua Trees and Cosmic American Music
7/18/13 – Fourth grade, “the Russians” n’ Cold War 
7/21/13 – KITT and Convergence Culture
7/22/13 – More on the compartment view and omniscient travelers
7/23/13 – Envisioning Information
7/24/13 – treasure maps, Mojave Desert folklore
7/29/13 – yes, that dry lake bed worked its way in to the art
7/31/13 – don’t paint your car these colors
8/1/13 – the vitality of digital information
8/3/13 – impermanent identity
8/5/13 – Cold War, pop culture