Fall, 2015

Post-MFA work completed from July – December, 2015.


Sound Art:

Audio works from The Cascade – Moments in the Televisual Desert, uploaded to my SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/ren-adams/tracks


Desert (Loss), 2015

Desert (Loss) investigates the suspension between loss and distance, through the language of a fractured desert. These remixed landscapes imply the weirdness of the West; vastness and density become memories of memory, mutations of a white-hot encounter. Historian Simon Schama says “landscape is a work of the mind. Its scenery is built up as much from strata of memory as from layers of rock,” just as our own stories and memories are constructed of layered moments.

My strata are flattened, graphic layers, which suggest the way recollection develops a fictional sheen, with pinpoints of lucid detail; certain moments burn and remain. The play between flatness and depth asks what it means to inhabit the space between memory and experience, where fleeting exchanges flare and dissolve. My compressed imagery is remixed, just as we shuffle memories like tracks on a playlist—moments fade and recur. Some details get replayed.

In processing a personal sense of dislocation and loss, I am drawn to the landscape of media and television—complex spaces I’ve inhabited in life and through the ambiguity of fact-fiction. Like memory, TV offers a dual sense of place, a spark of the ‘here’ and ‘elsewhere.’ Imagery in Desert (Loss) remixes my own media-infused artwork, drawing on television, personal photographs and even Google Street View to form a composite desert; a California-New Mexico-Hollywood of past and present.


Installation Shots for Desert (Loss)

Glitch Pieces

Investigation into a new, fractured space – experiments and works in progress…

Various experiments with Joshua Tree, glitched and animated as GIFs. I am currently working with these as longer videos as well, linking and further mutating the already moshed serigraphs. I’m fascinated by the collision of digital/print, desert/television:

Mojave Mirage experiments:

Fall, 2015
Spring, 2015
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