Fall, 2014

Fall, 2014 Finished Works:

Selected works completed as part of my MFA in Visual Arts program in Fall, 2014.

Video Art:

So I asked…


Elevator (Finding a Way out of Here, I Hope) (ver. 1.2.1)




Rental (Requesting Backup), 1.3




Roy and the Mojave Subsequence, 2014. 38″ x 50″ acrylic and watercolor on Lenox 100.


Digital Stills, Screen Caps and Stereoscopic Sequences

Foothill Incident


Mojave Superchase 


First Responder


View-Master Reels

Other Selected Stills

Assorted Video Stills


Other Selected Stills


Many additional stills can be found on the Cascade sandbox blog – http://notwizardglick.wordpress.com

 Various critique space installations in January, 2015:


Spring, 2015
Fall, 2014
Spring, 2014
Fall, 2013
2012 and Earlier


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