4 thoughts on “Chase (Calling Palmdale), 2015

  1. elmediat

    Fascinating sequence. Excellent expression of communication theory within an implied media space. You effectively constructed a reality out of elements of older media to draw out a new message. One expects the Mulder& Scully to show up.

    I often thought that when Mulder went missing from the show he was wandering down desert highways and showing up in other television show realities like Buffy’s Sunnydale.

  2. plasticpumpkin Post author

    Many thanks! I really appreciate your intelligent insight and reaction. I’m glad the older media is functioning well in its revitalized role. My goal has never been to stick to the nostalgic or sentimental, but to use old media in new ways, as is made possible by the flow and cannibalization of media itself. Everything always returns and in a culture which increasingly discards the relative ‘old’ (a year is old to some!), finding the revitalization of material in reframed media forms is of vital importance to me as an artist.

    How keen (and awesome) of you to think of Mulder wandering those desert highways. I always thought the same thing! You need to watch my Encounter video, if you have time. I think you’ll appreciate it on a *lot* of levels (third one down):


    Again, thanks for your insight.

    1. elmediat

      Your comment about cannibalization of media connects to mass media principle that I call Necro-Media. Necro-Media is the re-purposing of older forms of Mass Media & Mass Media content as content of new forms of media. With new forms of mass media technology it is possible for us to take the codes & conventions of other media, as well as the media itself and and turn it into content. We do this so readily we do not realize we are doing it, for example as soon as older video & audio pieces from television, radio, and cinema are posted online they change context and become new content. Then someone grabs some of it and incorporated into a blog post re-purposing it again.

      Here is a post on the topic from Dark Pines Photo


      This is more recent post on Implied Spaces also concerns how mass media reinvents older forms in new context.

  3. plasticpumpkin Post author

    Awesome. I’ll check out these resources (I’ve also been going through your blogs!). I remember first reading reference to the cannibalization in the writings of Lev Manovich and Paul Miller (D.J. Spooky), in relation to media theory–and I think Andrew Darley also hit on this. Never heard it referred to as “Necro-Media,” which definitely seems appropriate and acute. Can’t wait to read your writing on the subject!


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