737 La Brea and LA County Fire Station 127


737 N La Brea, Inglewood, CA – 1972 – former site of Sparling Buick (closed 1997). Luckor Plaza and Bekins buildings still around in 2014.


luckar plaza


As a side investigation, I plugged precise shooting locations from several TV series I’m working with into Google Maps to gauge distance (historical, physical, architectural, conceptual).

What I found was compelling, but ultimately too centered on the progression, or mutation, of space over time, rather than on a collapse of time and culture rooted in an elastic sense of place. Placed side-by-side, the photos told a linear narrative of urban change, freezing the landscape as an inactive sequence of moments united by off-screen “progress.”

Pairing the photos pleased the investigator in me, but opened a borderline sentimental dialogue, risking ironic detachment, amusement or simple spectacle-response to change (or lack thereof, as with Fire Station 127).



Fire Station 127, Carson, CA – 1972



Several people suggested I try playing with contemporary shots of pop-cultural locations this last residency, and it was a worthwhile investigation, perhaps able to lead into a new project in the future.

Ultimately, it heads a little too far in the wrong direction for my thesis, but underscores my fascination with the cultural database that can churn out such instant geographical instances!

Oh yeah–and I always seem to have an Amazon tab open. LOL.

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