Zooms – Micro Moments from The Cascade

Micro Moments:
badguy chet hands poles rockford sky sped

These little guys are zoom-ins, micro moments extracted from the Cascade’s fluctuating landscape. Leslie (and several others during the residency) suggested I experiment with microscopic surface investigation. What happens when I isolate moments, angles, individual passages? Do these patterns represent what’s happening on a larger scale in the full-sized stills, or do they enter new territory?

I’ve been making a bunch of them, using them to drill down into the core components of the bigger work.

2 thoughts on “Zooms – Micro Moments from The Cascade

  1. Kiera McTigue

    These zoom-ins are quite interesting. I love seeing the textural elements. It ventures more into abstraction and seem to me to be entering into new territory, though it obviously closely relates the to full-sized images. I wonder about maybe seeing them as diptychs, though that might be a direction you don’t need to go.

  2. plasticpumpkin Post author

    Thanks, Kiera! As you know, I love abstraction. 😀

    I thought it was interesting that the little guys relate so closely to the larger images–that the macro contains the micro. I may do something with this. Diptychs or sets are definitely worth investigating.


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