Print, Printed, Printing III – Printmaking Conference, 2014


Viewers watching a trace monotype demo.

On February 21 and 22 I attended the Print, Printed, Printing III Printmaking Conference held at New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas, New Mexico. It’s a two-day demo fest, with exhibition, networking and general printmaking fun hosted by Todd Christensen and the Highlands Printmaking department. 

I also gave an artist talk and a lithography demo as part of the program.

Attendees this year were from a number of regional universities, including:
University of Colorado – Boulder
University of Colorado – Denver
University of Arizona
Highlands University
University of New Mexico
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces
Estrella Mountain Community College
University of Wyoming
Lesley University (Art Institute of Boston) – (me!)


The Highlands University main administrative building.

The Plaza Hotel in the Las Vegas, New Mexico square is where most of the attendees stay. It’s within walking distance to the university.

Las_Vegas,_NM_Plaza_Hotel LasVegasPlazaHotel

Downtown Las Vegas, New Mexico is prime gold-mining, out-west Americana.

Downtown_Las_Vegas,_NM historic-las-vegas-nm

This year the conference offered back-to-back printmaking demos, presented by university faculty and MFA students. Simultaneous demos were running at all times, so attendees could bounce back and forth and network between sessions. 

I attended the following demos:

Alternative Methods for Making Book Cloth
Alternative Methods in Subtractive Stone Lithography
Research Mapping: Digital to Analog
Smart Plate Lithography by Hand
Harnessing the Wild: Bringing the Immediate Mark to the Lithography Stone
Quick Book (Bookmaking with Serigraphy)
Magic Black: An Etching Recipe for the Dark Side (Pseudo-Mezzotint)
Penny Pinching Rubylith Alternative and Serigraph Toner Washes
Multiple Woodblock and Stencil
Digital Collagraph Demo


Here’s a few highlights from the demos (action shots, if you will). I’ve lumped them into a gallery so it’s easy pickings for you. I always find something useful (and inspiring) to take away from observing the method of others. Printmakers are typically a collaborative, inquisitive bunch–happy to share their discoveries and failures.

I did a demo on fine line lithography techniques and I’ll share photos of my demo when I get images from one of the other attendees (I didn’t photograph myself, but I know Melanie did).

The event also featured an artist talk series by visiting faculty and graduate students. The lineup included:

Todd Christensen
Jacob Meders
Abigail Felber
Kristen Martincic
Mark Ritchie
Cerese Vaden
Frol Boundin
Sam Cikauskas
Katie Killian-Stokes
Chris Blume
Matthew Rangel
Tim Van Ginkel
and me, Ren Adams!

The conference also included an exhibition of contemporary prints, print installations and print exchange portfolios. You can check out a few random shots of the show in the mini gallery below, featuring work by Melanie Yazzie, Todd Christensen, Mark Ritchie and others.


4 thoughts on “Print, Printed, Printing III – Printmaking Conference, 2014

  1. Catherine Hex

    Teaching others what we know is how we evolve and how we fulfill ourselves as human. As this is the natural course of events, we should obey it and make the other feel passionate about certain things. Because art has lost its importance for todays’ society, we should try to rekindle the love for art in people’s heart.

  2. Krrrl

    I blogged about the subsequent “Print, Printed, Printmaking IV” conference in 2016 on the YayBig Southwest blog:

    Intro —

    Exhibitions —

    Demos, first day —

    Demos, second day —


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