Pivotal Stills from Mutations 1,2,3

Based on an exercise in sequencing suggested by my mentor, I did several mutation series that started with an existing manipulation.The starting-point image gets pushed through several stages of heavy editing. I punch holes through layers, shift opacity, cut, crop, paste, add, re-combine and otherwise tear the original manipulation down to its seams, rebuilding it with new considerations!

The  stills below were pivot points in the mutative investigation, marking significant shifts in treatment of the material.

To see the first three sequences in their entirety, visit: Mutations 1, Mutations 2, Mutations 3

I am continuing this practice and have finished 4, now working on 5.

2914_12 Mutations 3, #12

2914_13Mutations 3, #13

2914_5 2914_6 2914_7 2914_8

Mutations 3, #5, 6, 7, 812714Mutations 1, #1


Mutations 1, #4

12714_9Mutations 1, #9

2514_10Mutations 2, #10

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