The Cascade – Integrating Color Palettes (Digital and Natural Collision)

Color is integral to the formal and conceptual production of my work.

My central palette, a specific, warm range of earth tones,  has parallel roots in the sacred lotus and the ubiquitous desert landscape that permeates my relationship to geographical space.

In developing color, I start with a root value (usually a warm, light yellow with a touch of pink) and modify continuously and fluidly through the printing or painting session. The same core color takes on new character and form as it is manipulated spontaneously (within an understood framework), much like the “atomic” or “informational” units I see in the pieces themselves. The atoms coalesce to form new expressions, then fall back away into components laden with possibility.

The Cascade brought a new angle to my palette:


The nature of video (and the unique time period in which my core material was filmed, with its own  technology-influenced, regional colors) brought more blue to the mix.

During the residency, a number of viewers found this addition to my desert palette an engaging evolution. The blue related to both the vastness of sky in the west and the buzz-blue of digital-video aesthetics.

That the iterations of blue I emphasize in the Cascade speaks of both physical geography and deep, digital space is exciting and incredibly relevant to the concept. It emphasizes the strange reality of life mediated through TV, while suggesting watercolor and interdisciplinary process.


The still above is one of the pieces that fully integrates the digital and desert palettes, emerging as an entirely new association of color.

I’d like to investigate the palette in this pivotal moment with great care this semester. Oliver Wasow suggested that I closely examine the point where electronic color goes up against natural color, and how this tension (and potential harmony) communicates and interacts with the viewer.


The blue-dominant still above and the orange-brown dominant piece below contrasts the two palettes dramatically, yet the presence of the desert palette still exists in the Cascade piece, however subdued. A touch of crossover blue also occupies Data Pulse (below).

"Data Pulse." Layered serigraphy, woodcut, acrylic monotype, collage, direct ink.  About 20" x 20".

“Data Pulse.” Layered serigraphy, woodcut, acrylic monotype, collage, direct ink. About 20″ x 20″.

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