Residency Nigh


It’s almost here. The Spring, 2014 residency at the Art Institute of Boston (at Lesley University).

One of the hardest aspects of wrapping up the semester wasn’t final critiques or paper-hammering. It was narrowing down the final pieces to send ahead to Boston. I tried to include a mixture of work that felt satisfyingly complete, as well as pieces that were flat-out baffling. There is no need to bring all of it, of course, but bringing the right combination was important.

Dealing with The Cascade is its own special kind of chaos. It currently exists online–but I’m neither certain that’s the best, final viewer-engage mode possible, nor am I able to print out 148 digital pieces at 22″ x30″ (not even sure that’s the best method of presentation!). This kind of dilemma tells me the work has broken new ground for me. It refuses to simply be shuffled off as entries in a 2D gallery world, and it’s also odd at home on the net. It’s definitely outside my comfort zone by its very nature.

To combat this initial confusion, I printed a few out (good laser copies) and have a project statement for it. I’ll be able to share the in-person copies and viewers can also explore the website if they want to dig deeper, at least for this series of critiques. I have a feeling a logistical/conceptual breakthrough is coming soon!

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