Working on a Batch of New Pieces

I tend to produce new works rapidly, in groups. So, I’ll start a batch of things and bounce between them, adding elements of one to the other and so on. This is the way I work in printmaking as well, where I’ll be inking and printing a variety of plates and techniques, building pieces in layers.

The bad thing about printmaking (for someone without a press) is that you need a press to do most techniques. However, printmakers, I daresay, are experts of time management. I’ll have access to the presses in about three weeks, which gives me plenty of time to produce stacks of plates, matrices and images for photo processes! It also gives me plenty of time to play around with direct techniques, like painting and drawing.


Building layers of direct ink on rice paper. Many, many more layers to come. I may do some watercolor monotype versions of this, like those I showed at the residency, as I can print those by hand in the studio.inprogress2 inprogress3

Again, these are underlayers that would develop into finished pieces.


An experiment–just to see what happens with ink on canvas. It’s small and is meant just to play with surface, resistance and possibility. If I like what happens when it’s done, I may develop something like it on a larger scale and do printing on top. My mentor is excellent at combining canvas and printmaking, so I’ll have to have a conversation. 🙂


The linocut on its way. I’m also working on a bunch of drypoint plate shapes and more toner wash shapes for use on the presses in the next couple of weeks.



Underlayer direct painting.


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